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Background and Purpose

Equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging are part of the core values of York University. These values will shape the development of the University Equity Plan & Framework and have been expressed in the six priorities of the University Academic Plan 2020-2025 that focus on the key dimension of “coming together to make positive change for our students, our campuses and our local and global communities.” 

After a series of interviews, survey and consultation meetings, a roadmap and strategy informed by the University’s EDI plan and framework was developed for proactively building people, processes and structures committed to EDIB embedded in all aspects of YUL’s work, including collection development, pedagogy, community outreach and engagement, assessment, accessibility and professional development. The EDIB Team will partner with other campus units to transform YUL’s community-facing work with faculty, staff, students, researchers and general public. It will serve as a resource and model to the University and the wider community.

In its terms of reference, the Steering Committee for the YUL Strategic Plan 2020-2025 states that the new YUL strategic plan will align with the University’s EDIB missions and the planning and strategy recommended by the EDIB Team. In this context, a three-year term EDIB Team is sponsored and established by the Dean of Libraries. 

The Task

Through a collaborative and collegial process, the EDIB Team will:

  • Draft and socialize the EDIB Plan, Roadmap, Toolkit and Strategy
  • Build consensus on definitions of EDIB and anti-racism work and how it relates to the functions and practices of YUL
  • Develop a sustainable and scalable model of EDIB commitment and responsibilities embedded in all aspects of YUL’s work
  • Connect and align the YUL EDIB Plan, Roadmap and Strategy with the University’s EDI Plan and Framework
  • Suggest phasing for the operationalization of the plan
  • Obtain support across YUL for communicating and implementing the EDIB Strategy
  • Support the operationalization of the plan
  • Collaborate with the office of EDI and other campus units to develop YUL specific training and workshops to develop cultural competency, addressing bias and antiracism.
  • Help develop a work culture and environment based on anti-racist values
  • Serve as consultants to the organization
  • Advocate to YUL leadership team on strategies to dismantle systematic bias and discrimination, such as racism, and enhance EDIB within YUL’s practices, processes and structures.
  • Advocate structures that share power in ways accountable to BIPOC and other underrepresented groups


  • 2021 – Learning Stage – Training, workshops, roadmap, strategic initiatives  
  • 2022 – Integration Stage – Implementation, Connecting with University’s EDI Plan and Framework, and embedding in all aspects of YUL’s work
  • 2023 – Sustained EDIB model – Mechanism of delegation and knowledge transfer to all YUL’s units and other campus units   


This Team will consist of colleagues across YUL with complementary expertise in EDIB, library work, and organizational development.  

  • Jack Leong, Associate Dean, Open Research and Scholarship [Team Leader]
  • Andrea Kosavic, Associate Dean, Digital Engagement and Strategy
  • Vesna Barbe, Human Resources Partner
  • Sandy Xu, HR Advisor
  • Genny Jon, Repositories & Publications Management Coordinator [Communications Coordinator]
  • Thumeka Mgwigwi, Teaching and Learning Librarian
  • Laszlo Juhos, Transcription Assistant
  • Maura Matesic, Teaching and Learning Librarian [on leave]
  • Leigh Jackson, Content Development Librarian

Roles & Responsibilities

Members are committed to bringing their skill set and experience to help the group create, pursue and advance strategic initiatives. Time commitment is approximately 2 hours weekly. Members are responsible for

  • Attending regular team meetings and participate in discussion and exploration
  • Reviewing relevant materials before team meetings
  • Supporting the efforts of the EDIB Team
  • Carrying out individual assignments made by the team or the team leader
  • Working collegially and collaboratively to ensure the team’s work and recommendations are achieving the EDI missions and values of the University and the Libraries. 

The team leader is responsible for 

  • Planning team meetings
  • Preparing and distributing agenda and notes of meetings
  • Distributing materials to team members 
  • Reviewing and communicating updates of the team’s work to the Dean and YUL colleagues 
  • Making final decisions for the team’s recommendations in a collegial and consultative manner 
  • Presenting recommendations to the Dean of Libraries 

It is understood that membership does not represent all perspectives. Members serve in a facilitation role with understanding that the success of EDIB work is owned by all YUL employees